Let’s Talk About Marriage

Let’s Talk About Marriage. Let’s be transparent, open, and honest about marriage. Let’s talk with people we trust about how we can grow, mature, and excel in our marriages. Let’s share are struggles with one another so that we can learn from them. Let’s seek wise counsel. Let’s give wise counsel. Let’s get serious about building strong, healthy, god-glorifying marriages, that strengthen our families, our churches, and our communities. Let’s make marriage beautiful, by building, sharing, teaching, giving, listening, loving, and encouraging ourselves in the Lord for the good of our marriages and the glory of our God.


For our 14th wedding anniversary we decided to take a last minute trip to Aruba. We could not decide between the Dominican Republic, Coast Rica, and Aruba. We eventually selected Aruba because we found an extremely good deal,  the island seems to offer a lot of amenities and diverse experience.  Also, we wanted to use our passports, travel somewhere not many people that we know had traveled, and we wanted to go to an area of the Caribbean we hadn’t visited before.

When we travel, we like to get away from the tourist areas and activities.  We try to experience life like the locals. Eat where the locals eat. Relax like the locals relax. We were able to do a little of this in Aruba but not as much as we would liked too. So to capture our travels to Aruba, we decided to make a list of 14 things to remember about our visit to Aruba.

1. Favorite Beaches: Eagle Beach & Baby Beach


2. Favorite Non-Beach Water: Mangel Halto


3. Favorite Experience: Sunset Dinner at Passions on the Beach (a little expensive, but very nice setting) & Cuba’s Cookin (live music)


4. Favorite Restaurants: Hopi Bon Grill & The West Deck


5.  Favorite Dessert: Gelatissimo

6. Favorite Animal: Flamingos on Renaissance Island


7. Best Food Deal: Food Truck on Eagle Beach

8. Activities we didn’t get to do: Submarine Tour.

9. Recommended Tour: UTV Tour that includes Natural Pool.

10. Most surprising: The island is extremely windy. There are a ton of loose dogs running around.

11. Pleasant surprises: Very good drinking water. There are only about 18 inches of rain fall in Aruba per year, and we were there when it rained. We won a free vacation from Divi Resorts.

12. Unpleasant surprises: Food is very expensive.  There are more flies on the island than expected.

13. Recommendations: Stay at least 4 days. If you are adventurous, rent a car.

14. Be adventurous and explore the type of travel you like. Aruba offered a lot of amenities on a tiny island- beaches, water sports, all-inclusive resorts, high-end shopping, flea market shopping, hiking, bird watching, lots of food options, local & westernized experiences, history, and culture.

We enjoyed our visit to Aruba and would go back in the future.


14 Days of Marriagewhys – 14 tips

Day 1- From the day you get married, know that nothing “magical” happens once you make it official. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking marriage will just “take its course”. You should still go on dates, say “I love you”, learn more about your spouse, and be ACTIVE in protecting your relationship.

Day 2- Support your spouse! (As long as they are making Godly decisions that are best for your family) Their first layer of support should come from you, not the outside world. If they are not making Godly decisions, pray for your spouse.

Day 3- As a young Bride or Groom, respect the position your spouse is in, AND value your role. (Of course, this should continue throughout your marriage)

Day 4- You can’t place the blame on just one spouse. There should not be a such thing as “growing apart”. Both of you are responsible for moving TOGETHER.

Day 5- Always speak well of your spouse, even to yourself. Speak well of your spouse in the recesses of your heart and mind, and you will treat them well.

Day 6- When I first got married, I wish would have known…to not let small things turn into big problems.

Day 7- Marriage involves thinking and planning beyond the wedding. Our wedding cost approximately $2,900 (for EVERYTHING, Including the honeymoon). It wasn’t the “Wedding of the Century”. However, the memories made, and significance of the vows that we take so seriously today, are PRICELESS.

Day 8- Laugh together before going to bed.

Day 9- Feed what you want to grow in your spouse and starve what you want to wither. Give attention to all that is wonderful about your spouse. Give grace, mercy and forgiveness to your spouse’s shortcomings.

Day 10 and TBT- When needed, be creative in marriage! Love doesn’t cost a thing…watch the video to learn about the most romantic gift ever received in this marriage. It cost about fifty cents, but its value is so much more! Day 10 Tip Video & Throw Back Thursday

Day 11- “They aren’t ready” Many thought we were too young to be married…we should finish school first, etc. Don’t let someone else’s opinion or experience in marriage stop you from getting married. Although “day 1” of your marriage could be the most perfect day, know that you and your spouse are not perfect. However, you must be willing to be fully committed to grow and learn with your spouse.

Day 12- Cook together. Keep the cooking spicy and we are not just talking about the food. No seriously, we are talking about cooking.

Day 13- It is important in marriage to have a church home, with a solid foundation in the Word, strong/humble leadership, and loving marriage mentors.

Day 14- Seek Oneness. We hope you have enjoyed our 14 tips in honor our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

Valley of Fire

A fast trip thru the Valley of Fire in Nevada, just north of Las Vegas. We took a business trip out to photograph this amazing and breathe taking natural wonder.